How to keep your shape when all about are losing theirs; is there an answer to the obesity epidemic?

For the last twenty years, we have been getting noticeably fatter.  Rates of obesity in America and Western Europe have more than doubled since the nineteen eighties.  And the problem shows no sign of diminishing. If trends continue, it has been estimated by 2050, one in two adults and one... Read more »

The intestinal regulation of eating behaviour

Having shown that intestinal infusion of lipid will delay gastric emptying, probably by the release of CCK, we were interested to find out whether it would inhibit eating behaviour. The discovery that it did and was more potent than isoenergetic quantities of carbohydrate initiated a new area of research. ... Read more »

The Ileal Brake

The observation that that infusion of fat and to a lesser extent sugars and protein into the ileum could delay small bowel transit and slow gastric emptying offered a means whereby intestinal absorption might be modified, offering new ideas for controlling drug delivery and treating obesity. Read, N.W., MacFarlane, A.,... Read more »