How to keep your shape when all about are losing theirs; is there an answer to the obesity epidemic?

For the last twenty years, we have been getting noticeably fatter.  Rates of obesity in America and Western Europe have more than doubled since the nineteen eighties.  And the problem shows no sign of diminishing. If trends continue, it has been estimated by 2050, one in two adults and one... Read more »

Food and mood

We had been investigating the effects of intestinal infusions of lipid on small bowel transit times in rats when we observed that animals that received the lipid tended to fall asleep. We wondered whether this might explain why people tend to feel drowsy after a rich meal and irritable after... Read more »

The intestinal regulation of eating behaviour

Having shown that intestinal infusion of lipid will delay gastric emptying, probably by the release of CCK, we were interested to find out whether it would inhibit eating behaviour. The discovery that it did and was more potent than isoenergetic quantities of carbohydrate initiated a new area of research. ... Read more »

Sensitivity to fat in dyspepsia

This work unlined the importance of fat in generating dyspeptic symptoms by demonstrating how duodenal infusions of fat could sensitise the stomach to distension and to motion sickness. These effects could be treated by drugs that acted on cholecystokinin, opiate and serotonin receptors. Khan, M.I., Read, N.W., Grundy, D. (1993)... Read more »

The Intestinal Regulation of Gastric Emptying

A series of studies demonstrated how that the slowing of gastric emptying by fat and other means could reduce postprandial blood sugar, suppress blood alcohol levels, offering new mechanisms for treatment of diabetes and beating the breathalyzer. Further studies showed physiological adaptation to high fat diets, leading to a... Read more »