It only hurts when I laugh; living with an injured back.

When I was a physiologist,  I used to ponder the cause of the sensations I felt in my body, the reactions of my gut, what is was about feeling sick that made me yawn or sweat, why a headache made he muscles on the back of my neck sore.  I... Read more »

Spinal Injury

Once in a while the opportunity arises to study something that could make a really important difference. People with spinal injury lose control of pelvic function but it is possible to regain a degree of autonomy by stimulating the nerves going to the pelvic organs. Wires are implanted onto the... Read more »

Anorectal Function

The anus is much cleverer than we like to think. Or maybe we don't like to think about it at all, unless it fails or is too up tight. It is, in fact, two sphincters in one, the outer one under conscious control, the inner not. It is exquisitely... Read more »