Anorectal Function

The anus is much cleverer than we like to think. Or maybe we don’t like to think about it at all, unless it fails or is too up tight. It is, in fact, two sphincters in one, the outer one under conscious control, the inner not. It is exquisitely sensitive, distinguishing accurately between gas, fluid and solid.
The control of defaecation, so essential for socialization, requires the coordination of colonic propulsion, anorectal sensation and relaxation of internal and external sphincters and the muscles of the pelvic floor.
Continence is protected by the response of the external sphincter and puborectalis muscles to rectal distension and increases in intra-abdominal pressure.
Over the course of nearly twenty years, we worked with colleagues in surgery to describe the function of the anal sphincter in health and disease and helped devise and perfect new procedures to treat disorders of anal sphincter mechanism.

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