A political love-in!

They’ve done it.  The marriage took place in the rose garden., the sun was shining, the birds were singing.  They were a couple, finishing each others’ sentences, joking with each other, touching each other, singing from the same hymn sheet.  All differences had been resolved.  They had pledged their loyalty to each other, made concessions, agreed a marriage for five years, a period of time that would guarantee stability for the family. 

What a turn around.  Just two weeks ago, they were at each others’ throats, raising voices, jabbing fingers.  How could they ever work together?  Then it was make your mind up time. They talked, found that they had more in common than differences, but the bride had doubts.  Unable to decide, she again turned to reliable but boring Gordon, but Dave demonstrated how much he cared, promised more than she expected and well, despite her parents misgivings, she was swept away.  After all, didn’t she love Dave all along?  They were going to be so happy.   And what a party, we’ll have!