If thou hast a heart

famed for tenderness and pity,

contemplate this spot.

In which are deposited

the remains of a young lady,

whose artless beauty, innocence

of mind and gentle manner

obtained her the esteem

of all who knew her.

But when nerves were

too delicately spun

to bear the rude shakes

and jostlings, which we meet

in this transitory world,

nature gave way.  She sank and died

a martyr to excessive sensibility.


Mrs Sarah Fletcher,

wife of Captain Fletcher,

who departed this life

at the village of Clifton

on the 7th June, 1799

in the 29th year of her age.


May her soul meet that peace

which this earth denied her.




Sarah committed suicide.  Her ghost was said to haunt the house where she lived. Her tomb is in Dorchester Abbey, Oxfordshire.