He brings me frogs

When trees turn dim and lose their scent, And birds have ceased to call   When nighthawks glide through misty glades    And fiery Mars comes up from shades When fireflies blink and crickets wheeze. and deer cough deep and owls sneeze   The sky spreads its carpet of myth Up ending Orion, while I, sitting on a stone, move... Read more »

The Running of Spring

  In just two weeks, the greening ghyll Hides naked shame in mystery,   The bluebells darken, the chestnut shakes its spears,   the butterburr is over and bees visit the comfrey.      In just two weeks, the screaming swifts claim the skies, blackcaps chatter in the leaves and the cuckoo returns slack-winged to the windy walls.      In just... Read more »

Sex in the Woods

The breeze softens and fades down where the Blackbird's beguiling flute stirs the heavy scent that lingers across the trance of summer's eve.   April has lain a fragrant quilt over the moss that clothes the limbs and secret belly of the darkening wood.   Nodes of eager bracken thicken, uncurl and thrust through cobalt covers.   Subversive tubers reach into damp... Read more »