Spinal Injury

Once in a while the opportunity arises to study something that could make a really important difference. People with spinal injury lose control of pelvic function but it is possible to regain a degree of autonomy by stimulating the nerves going to the pelvic organs. Wires are implanted onto the... Read more »

Faecal impaction in the elderly

Dr Leila Abouzekry came from Egypt and was working in a geriatric hospital in Doncaster. She wanted to carry out a research project in her patients. I admit to some feelings of guilt in suggesting she study the physiology of faecal impaction, but nobody had done it before. Her results... Read more »

Constipation; the thief of time!

"Constipation is the thief of time, diarrhoea waits for no man!" The literature suggested that idiopathic constipation, which mainly affected young women, could, like faecal incontinence, be caused by one of a number of possible defects. This was not true. Although our studies showed that a range of abnormalities, delays in... Read more »