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The cottage peers anxiously over the terrace wall to where the road leaves the rushing Esk and winds up the hill to the rocky platform upon which the Romans built their marching fort and complained about the rain.  Then the focus is taken up again, up the repeating green slope... Read more »


And after I had washed the mud from my legs, I stood naked on the step, in the cold rain that swept up the valley from the sea, while you poured warm water onto the back of my neck and the shivering skin between my shoulder blades. Do it again, I cried, and you did until the... Read more »


Weather moves quickly in the mountains,   and acts out its dramas on a larger stage.  We awoke to the expectant dawn, ate by the long shadows of a cowering sun,    while an army of dark clouds decamped   despatched their batallions up the valley,    until the summits were shrouded and green slope, grey crag... Read more »