Forged in the fire

It’s our ability to control fire that made us human.  This is the message of Richard Wrangham’s new book, ‘Catching Fire’,  which was published last year.  It’s the latest big idea in evolution, the one that Darwin ignored.     Wrangham approaches the subject from the perspective of an anthropologist and primatologist;... Read more »

Don’t play with fire.

Giver of life,   You chuckle, crackle, inspire  Your energy moves me, You offer me light and warmth You are my sun, My reason, my creation.   Never the same,   You sway, dance, hypnotise Seduce with your desire. Your provocative play, Makes me steam, melt, Burn with temptation.   A greedy mistress, You roar, consume, require   Nought but disintegration, Your hot breath, your hiss, Reduces me... Read more »