Midas in Winter

  A hesitant dawn, you silence the bells  And change the scene with that touch of myth    that turns every  living thing to ice.   Flakes bristle from every twig, spicules sparkle like Christmas, then detach and sink, swinging through a sunlit sea.    The trees, decked like brides, Mock hungry deer with confetti No... Read more »

Top Doggerel

Beeley Moor at ten thirty, on Sunday.    A column of grey four by fours Barbour and tweed in a huddle,   Sausage and eggs and plus fours,   Top dogs! And so eager to show off    Their bright eyes, the shine on their coats.  The day may be cold and depressing,   Their senses, wag-tailed and wet-nosed.    The crack... Read more »

Praise the Lord

They're raising the roof of the church today! The building's in scaffold, a big yellow crane Is removing the tiles that cover the nave And disturbing the sleep of the souls in their graves Oh, they're raising the roof of the church today.   They're raising the roof of the church today! The foreman's come round to... Read more »