‘Just follow me dad!’  Alex reached the end of the lane and then turned left into an relentless wall of oncoming traffic, easing his bike across the path of motos, tuktuks, cars and trucks which just turned a little to miss him without altering their steady 20 mph, until he... Read more »

Can you miss Angkor Wat?

You cannot go to Cambodia and not see Angkor Wat, Suzanne responded, wide eyed and incredulous that I could even think about it.  But I wasn’t so sure.  Maybe it was the tourist thing.  I don’t like being shown around by a guide, the same inane chatter, the same non-... Read more »


Caught in the sudden stare of the cat, it clung, sticky fingered, to an impossible beam under a palm leaf thatch.  and in freeze frame mime, advanced along a leftwards flank,   then turned, paused, and Ignoring the claws, sprung, seized,   crunched,  grinned and milked the applause . Read more »

Security Regulations for Guests at Tuol Sleng

  A poem and instructions written on the wall of Tuol Sleng internment centre,  Phnom Penh.   No chatting No laughing No discussion No answering back No opinions   No theatre No music No poems No Literature No Religion   No priests No doctors No lawyers. No study No glasses   No football No games No playing No running No schools   No parents No children No brothers No sisters No house   No friendship No flirting No sex No love. No life    Instructions. You must answer according to... Read more »